“My experience of working with Peggy Tietz is that it was one of the most productive series of counseling sessions I’ve ever had. Underlying all the good techniques and intelligent therapeutic approaches that Peggy has at her fingertips is a strong sense of just plain kindness and caring. I deeply appreciate how she was able to combine good listening with intuitive leaps of insight and really give me some much needed help with very difficult issues.”


“After experience a psychological trauma that literally knocked me out of orbit, I was referred to a therapist who tried to take me from “0 to Zen” without really dealing with the trauma. It didn’t work. Then I found Peggy Tietz. Her calm, grounded, non-judgmental approach, along with her expertise in EMDR therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), allowed me to work through aspects of my experience that were still causing me pain. So, now, I can remember those traumatic events without reliving them. As I move into a new orbit, Peggy continues to be a positive, stabilizing force.”


“Dr. Tietz surpasses all my expectations of a great counselor. She is competent, honest and amazingly sensitive. Her intuition is something wonderful and helpful. She is open, non-judgemental, and very easy to talk with. She gives me confidence in myself, motivates me to work thru my problems and helps me find the inner-strength to continue confronting life’s challenges.”


430_4993817“I have been seeing Dr. Tietz now for almost a year and my world has been turned upside down! She allows me an outlet for expressing my true emotions in a non-judgemental atmosphere. I haven’t had good luck with my past therapists in regards to professionalism and expertise, but Dr. Tietz is truly an experienced, empathetic, and masterful therapist who has assisted me through one of the darkest places where I have ever found myself. I thank her tremendously!”