About Me

Professional Education and Training

Although I grew up in Houston, Texas, most of my professional life was spent in Philadelphia. I went to Philadelphia initially to attend the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Social Work, where I received my MSW. After I received my MSW, I worked in many social service agencies: community mental health; foster care; in-patient adolescent; and residential treatment. I attended the Family Institute of Philadelphia, a three year post graduate training program in family systems. After my family systems training, I worked with Dr. James Framo, a pioneer in the field of family therapy and co-author of several early and significant books in the field. Seeing individuals within the context of their families is a powerful method for healing wounds and misunderstandings, and for reestablishing new ways of relating. Systems thinking is an integral part of how I assess and understand individuals, couples, and families.

Later, I became a faculty member for second year students at the Family Institute. I taught there for more than 10 years, until I began my pursuit of a Ph.D. I completed my Ph.D. in developmental psychology at Bryn Marw College. I followed up my Ph.D. with a two year advanced training course in child development and play therapy. I have seen children with a wide range of issues, both normal developmental problems as well as trauma. I have done many workshops on Parenting and Sibling Relationships. I have written a book on feelings, to be read to children by parents, counselors, or educators.

My work with individuals has been strongly influenced by my work with Dr. Paul Frisch. I trained and did workshops and individual therapy at Growth Skills in N.Y.C., which Dr. Frisch founded. His books and theory explore how power dynamics influence intimacy. I use this theory as I evaluate issues pertaining to individuals and couples.

An important aspect of my professional training is EMDR. Over the years I have become increasingly aware of how many people suffer from traumatic life events. Some are obvious, but others more hidden. For this reason I sought out training in EMDR, which is a very efficient and effective method for treating trauma; disturbing life events; anxiety; phobia; and depression. After I completed the training, and satisfied the clinical practice requirements, I became a Certified EMDR Therapist.

Professional Associations

American Psychological Association
American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
Capital Area Psychological Association
EMDR International Association